Ad Widgets for Publishers

LeadsLeap • Add the LeadsLeap widget to your blog/website. Make more money, get more exposure to your ads and build your leads at the same time.
• Responsive or Fixed width
• 2, 4 or 6 Number of ads
• All or Selected Categories
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577 Cash If you put the 577CASH Widget onto a blog, website or social page... each time it is shown, it gives you 1 Glory Coin. Other members have the widget also and it'll show your banners, each time costing 1 Glory Coin. Free AND Premier members can use this and get this worldwide advertising on numerous websites!
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Viral Nugget If you control a website where you can place an ad block, then you can earn money and free ad impressions! Ad blocks come in all sizes to fit any site and you can choose to display text ads, or both image (banner) and text ads! Place the Ad Block Code on your site and you will earn 70% revenue share.
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