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Affiliates and Merchants :
Earn on QyckDeals

It's 100% FREE To Become An Affiliate
It's 100% FREE As A Merchant To List Your Deal

Affiliate : YOU Get Paid In Cash AND BitQy On EVERY "QyckDeal" Sold By Your Referral Merchants AND Purchased By Your Referral Affiliates!!!

Merchant : YOU Get Paid 70% of Every "QyckDeal" You Sell And Receive Funding In 5 To 7 Days !!!

Affiliate : Register AS MANY FREE Affiliates and Merchants As You Can Before Someone Else Does!
It's 100% FREE And Your Referrals Are Tied To You For LIFE!!!

This is an opportunity that you can tell your friends, neighbors, total strangers, and even Local Merchants about WITHOUT trying to "put your long arm in their short pockets!" No potions, pills, auto-ship, or inflated "MLM" products that people will be able to buy at Wal-mart for less!

No calling your friends and neighbors, or using the "3-foot rule" to beg them to spend $300+ just for the privilege of promoting your deal, and maintaining a monthly auto-ship to stay qualified!!!

Every person you refer for FREE, is tied to you for LIFE! If they see a "QyckDeal," (like the Groupon Daily Deals), and purchase, you earn CASH...AND you also receive "x" number of "BitQy" Coins.

If you refer a Merchant, that Merchant is tied to you for LIFE! EVERY TIME they sell a "QyckDeal" (also referred to as a "Daily Deal"), you get paid CASH...AND you also receive "x" number of "BitQy" Coins.

Merchant : start promoting a "QyckDeal" with BitQyck

Using the example of a $100 Deal, discounted to $69, here's just a few reasons you are going to absolutely love BitQyck:


· 70% Paid to Merchant: $48.30

· 30% Paid to BitQyck: $20.70

· 5 to 7 Days to receive funding

· Can Register Customers As Free Affiliates

· Earn % of Every QyckDeal They Purchase for LIFE!

· Plus Earn Crypto-Currency On Every Deal


Videos You Need To See

BitQyck Webinar With Jeremy Barnett

Click HERE To Lock In Your FREE Spot Today!

On the page that opens, click Join Now! in the black bar at the top.

Then choose from following 2 options.
  • I am a Business Owner and would like to register for the new bitqyck Marketplace.
    Choose this option when you are not interested in recruiting others, but willing to offer QyckDeals to customers.
  • I am registering as a new bitqyck Community Affiliate and to activate my bitqy Wallet.
    Choose this option when you want to recruit others as an affiliate marketer. Pick the FREE option to lock in your position immediately. If you want to buy a package you can do so afterwards in the Backoffice.
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Ads Cash

Now it is easy to buy and sell in the advertising world ...
AdsCash Is A New Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exclusively Made For AdWorld Space


eCurrency Marketplace! Rebates paid in eCurrency! Business Opportunity with Binary Payouts to Unlimited Depth!

Join an exclusive network of retailers and wholesalers accepting cryptocurrencies

Leverage the Future of Digital Currency Combined with a Cutting-Edge Shopping Platform and the Purchase Power of a Wide-Reaching Network to Start Your Own Turn-Key Business System

Get more info and join  Join right away

Watch The Video & Then Create Your Account!

eCurrency is the latest evolution in payments.

BitCoin has brought LIQUIDITY to the eCurrency playing field. That means, where can I spend it, use it, what can I buy with it? Without liquidity eCurrency has little value.

2 Million retailers around the world currently accept some form of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency has a very big and exciting future in online shopping. 81% of all transactions using cryptocurrency are for online shopping.

Even though the industry already is big, still only 6% of the global population knows about cryptocurrency. Yet all the major players are already involved, like banks and billionaires.

One way or another you will participate in this. Will you benefit from this or will you just be a consumer?

The new economy is a "Direct Sharing Economy" like AirBNB and Uber. Join an exclusive network of retailers and wholesalers accepting cryptocurrencies.

The platforms offers 3 unique shopping experiences:

  • PRO Rebate Rewards
  • eMarketplace
  • PRO Mall

You have the opportunity to refer others:

  • Binary program that pays to unlimited depth
  • Matching bonuses up to 4 levels and unlimited width
  • Leadership Rank Bonus

This opportunity is set up with everyone in mind. As a starter in this industry you can jump in with just a $50 activation fee and work your way up through sales volume. Or as a pro you can step in with packages ranging from $100 to $5,500.

When you maximize the compensation plan there is a potential to earn up to $440,000 a month.

No Recruiting Required & No Monthly Autoship! (NOT Nutrition Or Weight Loss!)

Lock in your position FREE today!

Choose Your Country and Join Here


Beware that you do not overspend on your business and advertising. Set apart your household money first. Also watch out for overly hyped marketing talk and big dollar signs and amounts that drive you to spend a certain amount now so that you qualify for earning higher commissions. There is no guarantee that you will actually make those sales.

If you are currently employed, do not resign right away after signing up for some online business. While the outcome may seem very promising, actual results may differ from what you expected. Play on the safe side and wait until you see real money coming in from your online business... and until you have first paid off your debts... and saved several months worth of expenses.

Earnings Disclaimer

Please note that I cannot guarantee you any income level from joining the opportunities promoted here. Your actual income will depend on many factors, including your advertising efforts and persistence in pursuing your business goals.

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Orange Butterfly by Tratong @ DreamsTime
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Photo of Bart De Wolf Bart De Wolf
Small Bio My Family

I am a Belgian, born 1966. In 1995 I met a Salvadoran woman in Brussels.

We moved together to El Salvador in July 1996. We married there, and were blessed with 3 daughters and a son.

My family and I moved back to Belgium in May 2010.

I got to know MLM in 1996 in El Salvador when a neighbour showed me "the plan" of the Amway bizopp. In 2001 I discovered online business.

Currently I am still a rat race participant, working full time as an Analyst Programmer.

During my stay in El Salvador I was invited to meetings of a Spanish speaking chapter of Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship Internationalthrough which I became a convinced Christian.