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Peer To Peer Direct Funding

Give, and MAYBE you will receive

Please note that I cannot guarantee you any income level from joining the funding opportunity promoted on this page. Also read my warnings.

• Start by donating $20 to another CrowdRising participant
• You can then start receiving donations from others
• 5x15 matrix, with donation amounts given and received increasing progressively from $20 up to $1,500.00
• Qualifications apply
• Product : peer to peer donations
Join CrowdRising with the right mindset.

Your initial risk is that you will donate $20 but nobody will ever join below you so you kind of will have "lost" your $20. Therefore you should only join if you are willing to take that risk and at he same time want to experience the JOY of GIVING $20 to someone else IN NEED, expecting nothing in return.

But by joining and then sharing your link with others you will declare that YOU too are in NEED of HELP. And you will be in a position to POSSIBLY receive multiple donations of $20 or larger amounts, however you must be aware that nothing is guaranteed.

So for the benefit of the people who joined below and above me, for my own benefit, AND for your own future benefit, I beg you, please join.

Join, give and MAYBE receive

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Join, give and MAYBE receive